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If you leave home without a plan and no accommodation to go to, or you’re unlucky and get thrown out of your home and have to sleep on a friend’s sofa or go into emergency accommodation, you are homeless.

If you are 17 or younger and have run away or felt forced to leave home you can ask for help from the runaway helpline. Runaway is a national, free, confidential service, provided by the charity Missing People, for anyone who has run away from home because of an argument, bullying, abuse or because they are unhappy.

The runaway helpline is free, confidential and 24/7:

You can text them if you have no credit left on your mobile phone

Being homeless, whatever age you are can be a very scary, lonely and difficult time and it’s vital to get some help to make sure you have somewhere safe to live. Make use of all the help and advice out there. Why not:

  • Talk to Childline on free phone 0800 1111 - confidential telephone service includes help with problems such as homelessness or running away. Or contact them on the web.
  • Talk to Shelter - 0808 800 4444 a free 24 telephone helpline for people with any sort of housing related problems.
  • The Haven, Wolverhampton is an independent charity supporting women and children affected by domestic violence and homelessness. They have a helpline: 08000 194 400.
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