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This section can help you to use your free time in a positive way.

Volunteering is becoming more popular with young people who want to help in their local community, gain new skills and find new, fun ways to use their time. This section explains why volunteering is a good idea and where to get more information, along with information about the volunteering programme 'V'.

If you are thinking about volunteering or travelling overseas after you have finished college or university, see our volunteering and travelling abroad pages, for everything you need to know about planning time out.

There are also details of local and national public transport, to help you plan trips, and get to job, college and university interviews.
Find out more about:

  • Volunteering in the UK or Overseas.
  • Travelling Abroad.
  • Public Transport.

Looking for things to do in Wolverhampton? See the "Things To Do" section of the Wolverhampton Information Network. 

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